Luxferov, the energy needed for zero-km

Luxferov was established in 2008, based on the initiative of a group of entrepreneurs from the ceramic industry who decided to invest in renewable energy, with the belief that energy savings, environmental protection and the use of new technologies represent the present and future in the construction market . The basic idea was to produce a new generation of photovoltaic panels which, thanks to their use, could revolutionize the way in which a home is conceived, imagining it as a self-sufficient organism, able to produce all the energy it needs on its own.

The vast knowledge in the ceramics field and the continuous research in the photovoltaic and solar-thermal fields, carried out in the Luxferov laboratories, allowed to exploit both sectors’ potential. This ensures quality and superior performance, supported by the use of innovative tools and the latest generation machinery, with respect to traditional products.

In November 2010 Luxferov began producing photovoltaic panels that were not only advantageous for the environment but also provided energy bills savings for families and businesses. The brand new factory in Carpineti, located in the hills of the province of Reggio Emilia, is a cutting edge manufacturing plant with all the most innovative equipment, laboratories and the latest generation machinery.

In 2013, Luxferov took a further step forward when Stone Italiana, one of the most advanced companies in the production of recomposed quartz and marble, entered in the company. This partnership has allowed us to improve the quality of products by introducing a quartz plate with Luxferov technology. It also enabled us to take advantage of Stone Italiana’s experience in terms of organizational and commercial management and to integrate Luxferov’s home project with materials used for interiors, so as to create buildings complete with fine floors, kitchens and bathrooms.

Today, the company continues its mission to promote and enhance sustainable development and use of renewable sources, integrated with new and more advanced design criteria, both in engineering and in architecture. Luxferov, and its team of specialists, is the ideal partner also for the study and implementation of specific energy and design solutions to meet the client’s customized needs.

The Luxferov technological home

The Luxferov technological home was created by uniting three innovative solutions: a steel frame that allows you to create any kind of structure, the thermal solar panels that produce the right amount of energy, the Stone Italiana recomposed quartz slabs that guarantee a fine exterior finish and high quality and resistant pavements and coverings.

The use of steel allows for maximum structural freedom and design. Steel is the building material with the highest resistance/weight ratio: the structures are light and flexible, thus ensuring greater protection for example during earthquakes. Steel is weather resistant, fireproof, recyclable and has good electrical conduction. The home is made up of a multilayer casing composed of a double plasterboard panel, where the services pass through, spaced by an insulating wall panel, an OSB panel and by an outer ventilated wall with a total transmittance that is equal to or less than
16 kWh/sq m per year. The floor, which is raised from the ground and thermally insulated, is made from composite quartz plates designed to incorporate aluminum serpentines with a flowing fluid that transmits heat and coolness to the house in a very short time.

The Luxferov technological home is made with 90% recycled materials, with an A and A + class efficiency. It’s an active home because it produces thermal and electric energy, with a heat pump and heating-cooling floor system, an accumulation of electricity and heat, a controlled mechanical ventilation system to optimize performance and an equipment management control system via advanced home automation including rainwater recovery, making it 100% sustainable.

It’s basically, a technological home with a Dual Energy System Total Service by Luxferov that can save from 70% up to 100% on the annual supply of water, electricity and gas if it is also equipped with storage batteries for energy that is produced in excess. As a result, the initial cost for the installation of this system can be amortized over a period of just 6 years.

In brief, the advantages of home technology with a Luxferov are:

  • reduced energy supply costs;
  • investment depreciable in six years;
  • increase in the real value of the property;
  • independent home energy;
  • use of renewable energy sources;
  • use of recyclable raw materials.



Article taken from Bologna 2000