About Us

The idea behind Luxferov began in 2008, when a group of local businessmen decided to invest in research in new technologies applicable to photovoltaic systems by studying a new generation of panels.

The brand new factory in Carpineti, located on the hills of the Reggio Emilia province, is the perfect location to finalize the preparation work and study in a cutting edge production branch that has the most innovative equipment, laboratories and the latest generation machinery.

In November 2010 Luxferov began producing photovoltaic panels, bringing a benefit to the environment and providing families and businesses, not only savings, but a profit on their energy bill.

The Stone Italiana Holding acquired Luxferov in February 2013, when this renowned company, that produces recomposed quartz and marble, decided to develop the “passive home” project. Luxferov’s technological expertise and Stone’s extensive knowledge of materials united and created a new concept for buildings with extremely high energy efficiency.


The fundamental element of this project is Luxferov’s Dual Energy panel. Its patented technology allows the simultaneous production of electricity (more efficient than traditional solar panels) and hot water, using a module that is similar aesthetically and in size to a traditional photovoltaic panel.

The investments made in the technological development, necessary to create this new generation of panels, have gone hand in hand with the training of technicians and researchers who developed Luxferov products.

The objective originally set for this type of technology was to increase the productivity of the panels, thus providing businesses and families a system capable of meeting all their energy needs;
a single system that allows a quick return on investment.