Klima House Fair – Stazione Leopolda 28 to 30 March 2014 STAND 88/B

S.G.H. srl, the exclusive dealer for the sale of Stone Italiana spa technological homes in Tuscany and Umbria designed and built by LUXFEROV Srl in Carpineti (RE), is pleased to present the Stone Italiana spa technological home at the Klima House Fair to be held this year, for the first time in Florence-Tuscany, at the Stazione Leopolda from the 28 to the 30 March 2014 STAND 88/B.

By registering online you will be entitled to a discount of 40%


The “STONE” house has the distinction of being:

  • Designed and built in steel with the innovative “light steel framing” technology that allows you
    to create any type of geometric structure while maintaining high structural lightness;
  • Walls and roof ventilation with external Stone coverings and floors made of the highest quality recomposed quartz, a feature that has always distinguished STONE ITALIANA;
  • An “Active house” in so much as it produces heat and electricity via Luxferov solar photovoltaic modules (Luxferov patent);
  • Electric accumulation (Energy storage) and thermal storage makes it almost independent from electricity and gas
  • The Stone house is made with class A and A + efficiency standards;
  • Made with up to 90% recyclable materials in line with ISO 14040 LCA (Life Cycle Assessment);
  • Equipped with a heat pump that heats and cools the structure’s floor;
  • Controlled mechanical ventilation (VMC) to optimize energy performance;
  • Advanced Home Automation system made to manage equipment such as: (a Photovoltaic/Thermal system, heating, appliances and much more).
  • Recovery of over 50% of rainwater.

The Stone house meets all applicable regulations (anti-seismic, energy conservation, local laws and regulations, etc… ).

SGH srl would like to thank Legambiente for its attention and we look forward to seeing you at the Fair! (STAND: 88/B)

Kind regards

Massimo Monti